The Cyber Safety Guy

The Cyber Safety Guy

I am Chip (Aka Dale) and I work in the DFIR arena for one of the 'Big 4'. Happily married to my wife Colleen I enjoy rugby, F1 and anything computer related has always peaked my interest!

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Setting Up My Forensic Lab

I have finally bowed to the pressure of my good friend Kev []and now have a server! I must point out that it is his old server and through

EnScripts – GUI USNJrnl.enscript

Those of you who are following my blog will remember that in my last EnScript blog post []I created a UsnJrnl EnScript and I promised I would

EnScripts - USNJrnl.enscript

As I have mentioned previously one of the things I want to learn to make me a better Forensic Analyst is Python. Mainly because Kev [] can’t complete a

New Home For My Blog

Just a quick blog post for the reasoning behind moving my blog. There were several reasons for the move, the main one being the relocation to the []domain.

Timestamp Anomalies - $MFT

Timestamp Anomalies - $MFT

Going through my SANS 508 material I decided to have a closer look at some of the material on the Master File Table ($MFT) in the NTFS file system and how the analysis